A Conspicuous Copyright Casualty – Chrysler’s Superbowl Ad

Copyright QuestionLike millions of other people, I watched the Superbowl on Sunday.

Like a good bunch of those people, I really don’t care about football. I watched it for the commercials.

Now, some of the best ones made their appearance days before the Big Game (which I think was a mistake). Luckily, there were some other good ones that hadn’t seen the light of day before they showed up on the TV screen.

One of those good ones was Chrysler’s all-American rally cry lead by the ever gruff (yet classy) Clint Eastwood.

I’d share that video with you except, well…

Chrysler Superbowl Ad taken down by NFL

That’s right, Chrysler was served a takedown for their own ad by the NFL. Less than a few hours after the spot aired.

If that’s not some crazy copyright wrangling, I don’t know what it.

A conspicuous action like this should serve to show us all how insane some of this (probably automated) copyright enforcement has gotten. We should also be aware of how much worse it could get.

Right now, Chrysler is probably losing thousands of dollars of revenue because of this–and spending thousands more dollars on lawyers to fix it. (Assuming they’ve noticed… and, man, I hope they’re properly monitoring their own sites!)

Here’s the thing: If your goal is to get your brand out there with an awesome advertisement–be you an iconic American car company or a multi-million-dollar sports/entertainment/merchandising franchise (like the NFL), why would you not want people sharing your advertising?

I can’t wait to see how this plays out over the next few days…

Speaking of sharing and ads: if you want to see (most) of the rest of the Superbowl ads, Buzzfeed has a great list. Check it out here.

And if you like what I write, feel free to share it. (I won’t serve you with a takedown notices… as long as you give me credit for my work.) 😉

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